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About Us

In 1990, after graduating from the school, I negotiated 1-month work on excavations in Canterbury.
In our standard job, I negotiated two-month unpaid leave and "set off" the direction of the excavation. At the planned excavations near the famous Canterbury Cathedral. On one free evening, with a few earned pounds, we went to a local beer pub. We had, of course, black Guinness, drank at the bar, and watched the local "cricket." In the middle of the pub was a billiard pool called. I looked at him, he was "looking for" and what the hell did not want, the local "stamgasti" talked with us. Eventually, I was chanted to play a 1 pound piece with them. I said it's easy, I can do it, I've been watching it for at least an hour. So I paid one game that cost 50 pennies and I did "shoot" ...... My game did not last long and I lost my only one and the first pound.

Billiards like a game of excitement.

Upon arriving from the excavations, I started to "flirt" with the game and began to be interested in production, service, sales on the job. I joined a former league player with whom we started to build our first billiards in the garage.
Since 1992 we have started to produce billiard tables.
We searched for the production material where it could be.
Interests from our production at the time:

The marble was cut by a hand-cut grinder. Unfortunately, every other board was crooked. The stonemason drank more than he was grinding. We've always tidied what board we get. We were looking for a better stone.

We had our own "home" chalk production. In Linaset, we also allowed to produce balls, we brought colorful powder in Austria and developed our billiard balls.

Since 1994, we have begun to devote ourselves to the production of billiard tables, service and to establish contacts with foreign suppliers.

The pioneering era was full of surprises, interesting contacts and quests. There was no internet, everything was addressed by a personal visit. It also had its advantage. We personally went to Europe as a supplier of billiard goods.

Over the years, we have visited all major trade fairs in Europe. I will mention the most famous and largest fairs like in London, Munich, Frankfurt, Rimini, Prague,  Moscow or in Kiev.

We consider it a great success in 1996 to establish an exclusive collaboration with the world-renowned and leading shale plate producer Italardesia s.r.l. We managed to sign a contract to represent this shale maker.

Our competitive advantage:

We know perfectly the entire of the pool market.

Billiard accessories are constantly changing and expanding, and we always try to offer what customers want.

Conori Ltd. is based in London and was established by the group of an initiative, creative wood carving artists, who have already had a large background in creating real and unique works of art in the field of interior design.

Our focus mainly concentrates on individual projects carried out at the request of the best designers in Europe and small series of fine furnishing products in the billiard industry. By applying traditional processing methods we have an ability to create unique multi-products.

While the majority of present producers is seeking for low-cost mass production opportunities, Conori is getting back to the roots of traditional carpentry workmanship. First and foremost, we put a clear emphasis on the originality of our designs that would correspond to the requirements of our customers.

For our production we select only fine materials and high-quality wood species such as Oak, Sapele, Merbau, Teak, Ebony etc. that could be complemented by stainless steel or any other materials according to your preferences. All products are exclusively manufactured in Europe in strong collaboration with our best wood carving masters, who went through rigorous selection to become a part of the Conori production team. Individual approach to every product unit allows us to be highly flexible and adaptive to our clients’ needs in order to endow each work with its own soul and personal character.