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  • 1.What are the options for choosing a billiard table?

    Billiard table is selected from the basic types of billiard tables
    a) Carambola table (non-grooved) - played with 3 or 4 spheres of 61.5mm diameter. The game counts the so-called "charms" (touching each ball between each other) on the counter
    b) Pool table (hole) - played with 16 color spheres with a diameter of 57.2 mm.
    In the game, the player tries to swap their balls into their pockets as quickly as possible
    c) Snooker table - english game with 22 colored balls, counting on points, balls are 52.4mm in diameter
    d) Pyramid table - Russian game with 16 spheres with a diameter of 68 mm, counting on points.
  • 2.What table to choose?
  • Clearly, one can not say which pool table is the most popular. Historically, it has been said that snooker was played in England. In the USA, the pool was caught. For the Russian clientele and its fans, there is a pyramid table, which is very popular. For Anglo-Saxon countries, it is popular and of course to buy snooker billiards.

    Good advice for a good purchase of a quality billiard table - for all who do not know exactly what the demands for a good billiard table. Those who are interested in this sport and would like to buy billiards themselves should know what to do about it.

    Buy a pool table for home relaxation or for sports purposes

    Billiard sport is one of the most popular leisure activities, whether professional or amateur, in public enterprises as well as at home. The billiard table itself is the most important in this sport, and it has long been possible to meet it not only in gaming or billiard clubs. A wide variety of different designs and varied price categories allow both professional and casual amateurs to enjoy the beauty of billiard games also at home. The best option is to have billiards in their own special room, fully equipped with a bar, a showcase for a cue, a pool over the pool, and all that the billiard heart is asking for. Each pool table can also be painted with shade and skirt according to customer choice. The following few tips should show you the right way to buy the most suitable billiard for you.

    Some good advice to buy a billiard table - what needs to be done about what is the offer and what's really important about such a table.

    What do I need for a billiard table?

    Before we buy a billiard table, it is, of course, important to know first what claims we have on it. Certainly, professional demands, semi-professionals or amateurs make it different. Whether it's a billiard for training purposes, for leisure activities, or maybe a game room or a pub, for every purpose there is the ideal model. Who places his pool table at home, whether in a cellar or in a special billiard room, is more likely to have a look and design than a pub. And what's here for billiards, just like accessories like him, like cues and balls.

    The size of the billiard table

    Every important and decisive criterion is, of course, the size of the table. The first question that is available here - how much space is available and how big can or should the billiard table be? For the specific dimensions and requirements for space in the billiard table room, see the section for creating a pool room.

    Billiard table pool 9 feet are usually considered for professional players. But even an amateur who does not want to spend half-time at leisure also has to think carefully if he has enough space for such a large billiard table. Basically, even smaller tables, 6 or 7 feet, can't always be recommended without a doubt. Ultimately, the personal taste and the potential of anyone interested in this noble game is of great importance.

    What are the differences between billiard tables in the way of construction?

    In principle, the greatest difference lies between the billiard tables in the material from which the playing board is made, i.e. in the plate under the canvas; it consists either of one-piece substitute - any prefabricated board or slate board. Billiard table with a slate plate is definitely better quality because it not only has better playing characteristics but also has a longer life and pool base is just slate. The slate does not deform, it is perfectly balanced.

    What is important at the billiard table

    Of course, the appearance, that is, the relevant design, is important, but everyone must consider it. In addition, there are also billiards with a ball return or coin return system, which is equally necessary for commercial billiards as their stability, so - "everyone must consider it alone."

    Where can I buy the pool table the most?

    The best billiard table is best at a specialist dealer, whether in a pool shop or on the internet. It is important to take care of quality. Forbids where "good" billiards are available at a low price, one has to be careful - such simple billiard tables can be called instead of a real billiard table rather just a toy in a child's room. Their machining is as dubious as the material used on the board, often plastic. Not to mention the after-sales service. These inexpensive billiard tables are virtually non-serviceable. Billiards should not simply be saved in the wrong place.

  • 3.What size of the billiard table to choose?
  • Mostly the pool dimension is derived from the size of the room where the pool table is located.

    For a high-quality game, you need 150 cm of cue table on each side of the cue table. This is calculated for the caramel and pool table. In the snooker and pyramid table, longer cues are used due to the larger pool table size.

    Pool 6ft - 180 x 90 cm, used in games and homes

    Pool 7ft - 200 x 100 cm, used in games and homes

    Pool 8ft - 224 x 112 cm, used in games and homes

    Pool 9ft - 254 x 127 cm - tournament pool.

    Billiards height

    The total height of the pool table from the floor to the top frame is 80-85 cm. According to a norm.

    Overall outer dimensions of the pool

    They are derived from the size of the table's playing area. Depending on the design of the billiard table, it must be added to the size of the playing area in the range of 13.5 cm to 20 cm from each side for the cushions and the top frame.

  • 4.How big room do I need?
  • They are derived from the size of the billiard table

    Size of the board minimum room size

    Pool 6ft (180 x 90 cm) 480 x 390 cm

    Pool 7ft (200 x 100 cm) 500 x 400 cm

    Pool 8ft (224 x 112 cm) 524 x 412 cm

    Pool 9ft (254 x 127 cm) 554 x 427 cm

    Snooker 12ft (356 x 178 cm) 656 x 478 cm

  • 5.What multipurpose pool use do you offer?
  • We offer the following variants of the multipurpose use of the billiard table. Each pool table can be used as a ping-pong table by adding a ping-pong board. It's just a few centimeters taller. Each pool table can be complemented by a cover plate, and you can use it as a working, storage or banquet table. For some types of tables, it is possible to use as a dining table. We will add chairs or benches for that.

    At pool tables, we can add a caramel pad to get another chance to play and it's a caramel.

  • 6.How do you balance and fit a pool table?
  • The pool table is mostly spread on the slate (one-piece, three-piece or five-piece according to table size), then to legs, box, frame, and cushions. After putting it in the place where the billiard table will stand, we perform its composition and commissioning.

    Depending on the type of the table, slate balancing is done either with the screws in the legs or by balancing the screws under the plate or a combination of both to ensure the highest precision of the balance. After all, screws are locked, there is no shading of the slate if the billiard table remains in the place where it was balanced. If the slate is multi-part and after balancing the joints are cemented together and gently grind to achieve maximum flatness even in the joints. Depending on the type of billiard table, the installation is time-consuming for large and expensive tables with a multi-part board, the installation may take eight hours. The guarantee is top-notch by our mechanics, who have extensive experience with installations and for the highest competitions, such as the European Championship, installation of luxury billiards abroad, installation of professional billiards players.

    The guarantee of the assembly quality and flatness of the billiard plate is proven by hundreds of thousands of different installations.

  • 7.What lights and cues to choose?
  • Room lighting is also important because it should underline its overall concept. The classic-style billiard lamp is usually provided with a green shade and provides the necessary billiard lighting. It should be placed above it so that it illuminates the playing surface without losing it, but it does not even blush the player at the same time. There are no more than 2 sources for small tables, for larger ones (for example, snooker) they should have 4 or more lights. A regular lamp would not be enough for a good illumination of the playing surface, because it should be illuminated fully and evenly. Smaller billiard tables (6 feet) are sufficient with two light sources, the larger ones usually have 3-4 or more.

    From our offer, you can choose the lighting above the billiards. For billiards up to a size of 200 x 100 cm or 7ft, we recommend a two-cylinder light, with a size of 210 x 105 cm or 8ft, we recommend three-cylinder light. The pool size pool 9ft should be illuminated by four-cylinder light and 284 x 142 or 12 ft illumination with six cylinders or a light ramp.

    We propose to buy two pieces. The reason is their peak, which is polished maple in some cases is used hornbeam.

    From our offer, you can choose a variety of brands. The bottom line is that the cue "drops" into your hand and uses a cue that is designed for a given pool table. This advice when choosing the right cue is a matter of course.

  • 8.I want to move the billiard table. What problems can occur?
  • If you move the billiard table, you can deflect it from its balance. For the best possible gaming experience, however, the playing area must remain firm and level. After a possible shift, then adjust the table again.

  • 9.Can a wooden floor be scratched when moving billiards?
  • Usually not. All our billiard desks are equipped with legs protected by a filter that should prevent scratching the floor. However, we recommend that you shift the billiard table upwards.

    10.What are the pieces of billiards made of?

    The description of the materials from which our billiard tables or bar counters are made can be found in the descriptions of the respective products.

    11.In which colors are billiard tables available?

    We offer billiard tables in colors according to our sampler or on the basis of a sample presented to us by the customer. You can find the sampler on our website, however, we recommend consulting our production manager to match the color of your billiard to your taste and imagination.

  • 12.What's the difference between the wooden and slate board?
  • Clearly, the right pool is provided with slate or older types of marble. The slate is perfectly polished, does not twist, maintains the stability of the whole billiard and is the basis of the whole billiard. It's right to balance. On the other hand, a billiard with a wooden board is considerably lighter, prone to any touch, has no stability and robustness, it can't be balanced. A billiard table fitted with a wooden playing surface, whether laminated, chipboard or other, is simply a toy.

  • 13.What's the difference between thick and thin billiard cloth?
  • The thin cloth lends the ball a higher speed and accuracy, it is said to be the high ball and is used exclusively for carnival tables. Thick cloth cover pool, snooker and pyramid tables. It's because of another style of play. Even between these clothes is the difference. The snooker table uses a specially made 100% wool cloth, which is then cut. The right snooker cloth is such that when you move your hand in one direction it is smooth and you pass your hand back, so you feel "small hairs" as if you were running your hand against the fur. This is very important even when coating the cushions, where the cloth on all cushions goes in one direction. Always ask about snooker experience. There are only a few experts who can snooker. Others are not trained and can not cope. This basically destroys the quality of the canvas and the "royal game" does not work out. Our production technician, Mr. Krejzl, is one of the few who can do the best and snooker.

    14.What are the white smuges on the cloth?

    By contacting a ball with the cloth, especially during a cue strike, there is a friction that results in white spots on the cloth. If there are a lot of white spots on your billiard table, you should consider replacing the cloth with new ones, which will make you look nicer, and you will get a return to gameplay. According to the world's producer, Aramith's spheres are produced by rotation of the sphere on the cloth at a point of contact of the telata up to 250 degrees Celsius, resulting in a color burst.

    15.How is the billiard table packed? How big are its components?

    Our pool table is packed in both foil and cartons. Pool table components usually consist of legs, sidewalls, frames, and slate.

  • 16.How long does it take to install the billiard table?
  • The installation of your billiard table will be done by our service. This usually takes from 1 to 6 hours. Depends on the complexity of the billiard table. In case of difficult access to the installation area, time delays may occur.

  • 17.Can your service carry the billiard table yourself?
  • Our service can carry themselves billiard tables up to 7 feet in size. For the bigger ones, we need at least 2 strong assistants in the case of difficult entry into the desired room, spiral stairs, and sneakiness, we require strong helpers even at smaller tables.

  • 18.How long is the warranty period?
  • The guarantee for all billiard tables is 2 years. This is also true for after-sales service.

  • 19.Do I prefer a smaller pool table in case of lack of space?
  • Yes. If you do not have enough space, you'd better order a smaller pool table than they have to play with uncomfortable shorter cues. The correct position of the player's body in the strike is very important in the billiard and you only get it with a long enough cue.

  • 20.What are the points on billiard tables?
  • These are so-called landmarks. Billiards players can help find the right angle of reflection and allow him to think of the next stroke and the corresponding blow of the sphere.

  • 21.Can I send you a sample of my furniture to make my pool in the same color?
  • Yes - to achieve the exact shade, it is even absolutely necessary. You will then get a design sample from us. If you agree with it, we will produce a billiard table and furniture in this color.

  • 22.Do you need special care products to maintain your furniture?
  • No, it is enough if you use ordinary formulations, but without silicone admixtures.

  • 23.Do you also offer relocation services?
  • Yes, we are always here for you. First, we provide ferries and subsequent installation with balancing. We also predominate and service billiard tables. Just tell us the date range, and we'll show you the offer.

  • 24.Do you also have a suitable chair for a billiard table?
  • You can order everything you can do with billiard tables. Anything that is needed in the billiard room - that is, the chairs.

  • 25.How heavy is the pool table? Can it damage the floor?
  • Tables weigh are from 200 to 1,500 kg, which is usually not a problem for the floor. With a floating floor, it is important to stagger joints and properly place transition moldings.

  • 26.Indoor equipment and style of a billiard room.
  • Before you begin choosing a particular piece of furniture, you should be clear how often and how he intends to relax in his billiard room. If it is to be a pure pool, or there will also be celebrations or joint watching the exciting sports events. For example, televisions, bar stools with chairs, sofa with armchairs, sound equipment, etc. can be good accessories - the bar would be the most important element in the room right after the billiard table. Recommendations are also the low wall stalls for the ashtrays, beer or wine. The possibilities of giving billiard rooms an unrepeatable hallmark of originality, such as hunting rooms, knightly-style rooms or as if they were from the 30s or 70s, are unlimited. It is certainly good to choose the equipment according to the billiard table because it should be a dominant feature in the room.

    27.Humidity in the billiard room.

    The pool table should be protected and maintained, so its lifespan can be so prolonged. What should be avoided are temperature fluctuations, strong drafts or changes in air humidity, as it adversely affects the liveliness of the table. The billiard room should be warm and dry and should be replaced with air. Recommended temperature is 18 to 24 ° C, air humidity 50-70%. The pool table is by no means recommended to be placed near open fireplaces. If you have a pool table at the cottage, we recommend that the room be at least slightly above 0 degrees. If you still freeze the room, use the billiard until after the room is warmed up, where the precipitated moisture dissipates with the increase of the room temperature, as well as the heating of the slate and the cushions to return the required game characteristics. In the case of extreme conditions such as swimming pools, saunas, outdoors etc., we suggest to the customer exotic wood, special finishes, so that the pool table serves to full satisfaction. Such a pool table excites and enhances the ultimate design and game experience.

  • 28.Is there still a need to take care of the billiard room?
  • When moving a billiard table into a customer's home or apartment, it sometimes turns out that its weight and dimensions have been underestimated. There is a need not only for adequate access roads but also for enough manpower to move. It is necessary to take into account the very large dimensions of individual billiard components, such as playgrounds, as moving to the fifth floor through a narrow corridor or small door can potentially become an insoluble problem. We consult with each customer so that we can supply the billiard table properly and in time. That's why, under difficult moving conditions, we're now in the production process with this difficulty, and we're making components to go through the billiard table and install it as required.

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