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Pool table Phoenix

Billiard table Phoenix This modern and exclusive design billiard table, its clean and graceful lines, selective timber. It was all designed for use in restaurants, homes, and businesses.The Phoenix will...


Billiard table Phoenix
This modern and exclusive design billiard table, its clean and graceful lines, selective timber. It was all designed for use in restaurants, homes, and businesses.
The Phoenix will be a dominant feature of your room.
parameters billiards
The components used in the manufacture of Phoenix table
cushions and sides are made of ash, the legs are made of spruce, an internal steel structure with balancing screws, slate, baize, rubber.
The advantage of this is the possibility to stain the table to any desired color. On request, we can make from other wood.
Housed within the steel structure is are balancing screws for precise balancing of the slate.
The slate is 19mm or 25 mm thick 3 pieces accurately polished and trimmed to size.

We are certified importers of Italian slate of the highest quality. When building a house it's said that it is necessary to "lay a good foundation". Talking about billiard tables, it is even more important, because a foundation of them is slate. As soon as you insert the slate slab a billiard table becomes a right billiard table. Slate is a natural material. It creates the proper stiffness around the billiard table, and also its weight creates a high stability. Engineer's precision level is used to provide precise balancing of a slate slab with an accuracy of 0.15 mm / 1m. It will be appreciated not only by the professional player but also by anyone who plays from time to time. The even non-professional player finds out that the path of the reflected ball "goes" straight. Under the cloth you our top slate is perfectly polished and balanced. Slate is the only material approved by the European and world billiards associations CEB, EPBF for tournaments.

Cloth included (Simonis or Speedball Pro), brand and color of your choice.
We have chosen branded Artemis rubbers for excellent flexibility and reflectance. We could advise another material for cushions on request. The cushions Artemis are tested in this size of the table. No extra charge.

Basic colors of staining.
Other colors could be discussed. A sample from you is enough for the exact type of color. We will mix the desired shade. Diverse staining of wood is caused by the natural growth of the tree where absorption of stains in each part is different. The originality of wood excels this way. Thus we produce unique original billiard tables for you.
On request, we can deliver a conversion top and thereby create a multifunctional table.
As a further extension, we offer carambole inserts. Due to the large playing area of a billiard table, we do not recommend a table tennis conversion top.

TIP: Billiard equipment and accessories like racks, cues, cues, lighting can also be chosen with us or we can recommend the best for you. .
Parameters for size 6ft
Playing surface length is 180 cm, width - 90 cm, height - 80 cm, weight - 280 kg.

Parameters for size 7ft

Playing surface length is 200 cm, width - 100 cm, height - 80 cm, weight - 310 kg.

Parameters for size 8ft

Playing surface length is 224 cm, width - 112 cm, height - 80 cm, weight - 350 kg.

Parameters for size 9ft

Playing surface length is 254 cm, width - 127 cm, height - 80 cm, weight - 390 kg.

With each ordered billiard table you will get from us
• installation including professional installation
• balancing of a billiard table
• COA (certificate of authenticity) of the billiard table
Our staff will give you professional instructions and provide information on servicing billiard cloth, balls, and cues.
We provide a guarantee and post-guarantee service. Tentatively we will send you the overall calculation of all modifications and accessories.

Room size recommendation, dependant upon cue legth:

Cue 57" (145 cm)

6ft table         15'(456cm) x 12'5" (379cm)

7ft table         15'9" (479cm) x 12'8" (387.5cm)

8ft table         16'8" (507cm) x 13'2" (401.5cm)

9ft table         18´3" (554cm) x 14´1" ( 427cm) 

Our tables are covered by a 24-month warranty. The estimated production date from 4 - 8 weeks.

Go on. Treat yourself to arguably the best pool table in the world.


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