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Snooker Super Crystalate Aramith 2 1/16"

Snooker Super Crystalate set 2" 1/16" AramithVitrified Surface BrightnessHeavy-Duty Solid Core DesignSuper Aramith Phenolic ResinOptimal Rebound EffectHigh Impact ResistanceExceptional LongevityBurn Spot ResistantLengthens Cloth LifeThe Aramith Super Crystalate set is made...


Snooker Super Crystalate set 2" 1/16" Aramith

Vitrified Surface Brightness
Heavy-Duty Solid Core Design
Super Aramith Phenolic Resin
Optimal Rebound Effect
High Impact Resistance
Exceptional Longevity
Burn Spot Resistant
Lengthens Cloth Life
The Aramith Super Crystalate set is made from advanced phenolic resin with Vitrotech technology that hardens and vitrifies the surface for durable brightness and longevity.

Aramith balls are a money saving investment; they last 5 times longer than polyester balls; while their unique molecular structure creates fewer burn spots, dramatically lengthening your cloth life!

The super crystal material creates a more intense colour compared to all other balls on the market!
Made of Aramith Phenolic – Phenolic resin

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